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Institute of Law

General Information

The Institute of Law conducts educational, scientific and methodological activities, ensures the organization of the educational process, obtaining quality higher education in the field of knowledge 08 "Law" specialty 081 "Law", which is based on the current level of knowledge and research degrees "bachelor" and " master ».

Over the years of its existence, the Institute of Law has gained a leading status in the system of legal education in Ukraine, harmoniously combining the fundamental and practical orientation of education, education of citizens and professionals, which has gained high prestige among legal professionals and the public.

In its work, the Institute of Law accumulates both domestic experience and positive achievements of European legal institutions of higher education and police colleges, actively implementing modern educational and methodological technologies, interactive teaching methods, forming and developing their own scientific schools.

Training at the Institute of Law provides employment opportunities in public authorities and local governments, courts, prosecutors, notaries, the Security Service of Ukraine, the National Police, the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine, the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, the National Guard of Ukraine, the State Migration Service of Ukraine, Departments of Justice, Departments of State Registration of Civil Status Acts, Departments and Departments of the State Executive Service, Territorial Bodies of the State Fiscal Service, Customs, Legal Departments of Enterprises, Institutions and Organizations, Lawyer, Prosecutor, Judge, Notary, Investigator, Assistant Judge, assistant notary, secretary of the court session, public and private executor, specialist of public authority and local government, legal adviser, etc.

The educational process at the Institute of Law is provided by research and teaching staff who are constantly improving their skills, undergoing internships, in particular, in educational institutions abroad.

Applicants for higher education, along with education, are actively engaged in scientific work, participate in amateur art competitions and sports competitions. Student self-government is carried out at the Institute of Law through the Student Self-Government Council, which represents the interests of all graduates of the Institute of Law. Applicants for higher education who study at the Institute of Law on a full-time basis have the opportunity to undergo military training, after which they are awarded the military rank of "junior lieutenant of the reserve."

The spiritual center of the Institute of Law is the Church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, which has been operating since the end of the XIV century. Since then, legal studies have been taking place on Zamarstynivska Street.

An unconditional advantage is the location of the Institute of Law in the central part of the ancient city of Lviv. The Institute of Law has its own territory, which allows you to organize the educational process within a single integrated complex without the need for graduates to change the territory between classes. The material and technical base of the Institute of Law meets modern requirements for the organization of the educational process in higher education. There are 5 lecture halls, 1 - model polling station, 33 classrooms, a library with a reading room for 50 seats, 4 computer classrooms, an electronic library with free Internet access, WIFI system, gym and dining room.

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