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Doctoral and postgraduate studies

Postgraduate studies

Postgraduate studies (adjunct studies) prepares applicants for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy from among the graduates of the institutions of higher education by state order and at the expense of legal entities and individuals - subject to the conclusion of training agreements. Forms of study - full-time (term of training – 4 years) and part-time (term of training – 4 years).

As of September 1, 2019, 14 adjuncts by the state order are studying at Lviv State University of Internal Affairs (11applicants – at full-time form of study, 3 applicants – at part-time), 85 postgraduate students are studying at the expense of individuals or legal entities; 5 candidates for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (Candidate of Law and Economics) are working on the dissertations.

Specialists are trained in the following specialties:

081 "Law"

fields of training:

  • theory and history of state and law; history of political and legal doctrines;
  • civil law and civil proceedings; family law; international private law;
  • administrative law and process; finance law; information law;
  • criminal law and criminology; criminal executive law;
  • criminal procedure and criminology; forensic examination; operative-search activities;
  • philosophy of law;

051 "Economics"

field of training - economic security of the state;

073 "Management"

field of training - economic security of business entities.

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