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Department of Operative-Search Activity

General Information

The Department of Operative-Search Activity established in 1993 is a part of the structure of the Faculty № 2 of the Institute for the training of specialists for the National Police of the University. The purpose of its activity is: organization and implementation of educational, teaching and research work, educational work with cadets, masters and adjuncts. Two Doctors of Law, six candidates of law and one candidate of technical sciences work at the department. Heads of operative units and experienced employees of the operative units of the Main Directorate of the National Police in Lviv region are involved in conducting classes.

The staff of the department consists of highly qualified teachers who have experience in operational work. The department provides teaching of specialized disciplines, in particular: operative-search activity, mode of secrecy, operative-search documentation, operative-search tactics, secret work of operative devices of divisions of National police, special equipment, actual problems of operative-search activity, tactics of detection and termination of certain types of crimes, organization and tactics of combating organized crime, psychology of operative-search activity, operative-search counteraction to drug trafficking, the latest technologies in crime investigation, theoretical and applied problems of the operative-search activitiy of the National Police.

The training of cadets is closely related to the operative and service activities of the National Police, so a significant part of the classes are conducted directly in the territorial units of the National Police. In order to combine the theory and practice of the operative-search activity, the department organizes and conducts operative-tactical and comprehensive training. After studying special disciplines, the department organizes training practice and internships for cadets in the positions of detectives.

All activities of the department are aimed at training highly qualified specialists in the field of operative-search activity. The scientific and pedagogical staff of the department prepares masters and associate professors, carries out active scientific work. In the previous three years alone, the scientific and pedagogical staff of the department has prepared eighteen monographs, more than a dozen textbooks, published more than fifty scientific articles on the problems of combating organized and economic crime.

The members of the cadet scientific circle "Operative", which operates at the department under the guidance of teachers of the department carry out research and participate in scientific activities.

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