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Department of Civil Law Disciplines

General Information

The Department of Civil Law Disciplines was established in accordance with the order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine dated 07.07.2008 №328 "On organizational and staffing changes of higher educational institutions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine" with the aim to improve the organizational and staffing structure of the University. The department provides teaching of civil law disciplines at the Faculty of Law and in the center of postgraduate education, extra-mural and distance learning.

The department is headed by Doctor of Law, Associate Professor Yurkevych Yu.M.

Currently, the department employs: 1 Doctor of Law, 10 Candidates of Law (including 6 persons with the academic title of Associate Professor) and young scientists.

Scientific and pedagogical staff of the department provides teaching of the following disciplines:

- ‘bachelor’ degree:

  • Civil law
  • Civil Proceedings
  • Family Law
  • International Private Law
  • Executive Proceedings
  • Legal Bases of Advocacy Activity in Ukraine
  • Notarial Law
  • Roman Private Law
  • Public Purchases under the Legislation of Ukraine
  • Organization of the Lawyer's Work

- ‘master’ degree:

  • Application of the Case Law of the European Court of Human Rights in the Administration of Justice in Civil Cases
  • Civil Law Protection of Consumer Rights in Ukraine
  • Damage Issues
  • Problems of Contract law
  • Civil Law Principles of Creation, Activity and Termination of Legal Entities

The Department manages production, pedagogical and professional practice. Scientific and pedagogical workers of the department are scientific supervisors of writing qualification works by applicants for higher education.

At the department of Civil Law Disciplines there is a scientific circle (head - Ph.D., Associate Professor Dutko A.O.). Circle members, under the guidance of scientific and pedagogical staff of the department, work on the research of specific scientific topics, participate in scientific and practical conferences, university and national scientific events.

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