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Department of Theoretical Psychology

General Information

The Department of Theoretical Psychology was founded in March 2021. The main areas of research of the department include: theoretical and methodological foundations of studying the processes of development and functioning of the individual as a subject of activity; studying the peculiarities of the psyche manifestation in professions and sports; psychological problems of research of stability of the activity; psychology of interaction, communication and patterns of effective psychological influence on the individual; psychological factors and conditions of readiness, reliability and efficiency of professional activity; psychological and psychological-pedagogical bases of professional training and forecasting of person’s success; psychology of age development; socio-psychological foundations of organization and management in organizations; history of psychology and study of biographies of representatives of different epochs and peoples in the formation of psychology as a science, sequence and logic of expressed ideas in psychology; methodological aspects of the study of professional reliability of the individual in different conditions, differential and gender direction in psychology, etc.

The scientific and pedagogical staff of the department provides teaching of the following disciplines:

Within the specialty 053 "Psychology" (full-time and part-time forms of training):

Educational degree of Bachelor in specialty 053 "Psychology" – "Fundamentals of anatomy and physiology of the human nervous system", "Fundamentals of psychological counseling", "Psychology of influence", "Prevention and correction of deviant behavior", "Psychology of post-traumatic rehabilitation"; "General Psychology", "Fundamentals of Management", "Zoopsychology and Comparative Psychology", "Fundamentals of Clinical Psychology", "Fundamentals of Pathopsychology", "History of Psychology", "Age Psychology", "Gender Psychology", "Occupational Psychology", "Psychology management", "Social psychology", "Differential psychology", "Psychological services in different organizations", "Mathematical methods in psychology", "Psychology of activity in special conditions", "Psychological services in different organizations ".

Educational degree of Master in specialty 053 "Psychology" – "Motivation of human activity", "Psychology of negotiation and communication", "Organization and conduct of psychological and socio-psychological research", "Psychology of creativity", "Modern theories of deep psychology", "Psychology of nonviolent communication and facilitation "," Psychology of development, change and career of the individual", "Forensic psychiatry", Professional practice, writing a qualifying work.

Educational degree of Bachelor in specialty 073 "Management" –"Fundamentals of Psychology"

Educational degree of Doctor of philosophy in specialty 081 "Law" – "Theory and practice of scientific research"

Educational degree of Doctor of Philosophy in specialty 053 "Psychology", 073 "Management" – "Theory and methodology of scientific psychological research", "Psychology of social and organizational development", "Psychology of social consciousness", "Psychology of organizations and management in groups", "Psychology of development in research dimensions", "Development and implementation of social and psychological technologies".

Department phone number: (032) 258-61-46

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